Fan8 Token
Fan8 Token

The Fan8 Token (“Fan8”) is the first reflection token issued by a renowned company with a clear mission.

The core element of the Fan8 ecosystem is the DeFi model, where holders will receive a 5% fee for each Fan8 token transaction. It is designed to ensure flexibility and control over the evolution of the platform by positioning it as the membership passport so that payments/donations to all of our various products and services coming on stream now and in the future will provide suitable rewards for our Fan8 token-holders (Figure 2). The Fan8 Tokens will be issued with a fixed amount of 888,888.00 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. More information is listed on the smart contract located at and our smart contract has been audited by the security firm.

The owner of Fan8 token can use the Fan8 platform to spur activities, promote platform transactions such as payment, gifts/donations, and NFT, in order to contribute to the platform’s growth and usability, such as the membership level. By holding Fan8 tokens, users are able to receive the following benefits:

  • 5% fee of the total amount on each Fan8 transaction on-chain.
  • Obtain a prestige membership level with a higher level of cashback.
  • View a list of the artist’s own tokens. Idols who want to add their own token to Fan8 need to hold their own Fan8 tokens and pay the listing fee using Fan8 tokens.
The Fan8 token

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